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Game Day

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I had my coat on
               Ashes, ashes we all fall down
The sidewalk Mica glistened
Inviting trips through rabbit holes

You came down the stairs looking perplexed–
You leaving?

Of course.

The mason jars are empty and the waxing moon
wants me to be alone.
You don’t want this red peacoat on your bed.
It’s old and tired and the button’s loose.

Flickering on and off like those nights in cars and bars and lips that just barely
made a statement.
                 Purple posies we all fall down.

You said – “you’re the only one I’ve kissed”
And it’s a new year today
Tossing dice and losing tights we tumbled
needing water
And I know you didn’t finish

My regrets are for the second coming of the holiday and wishes like scorpion stings –

This song is not to be voiced in the back of your throat.
It’s not to be lumped in the circle with those Ring around the Rosies and the Dancing Nancies
You wish you could be anywhere else but here
Anyone else but YOU

Facing front-to-back, the sun strong through those light curtains
I need shades for this bright morning

Back-to-shoulder I traced my finger down the coil of your Deltoid, Teres Minor (very minor touch)

Parched and dry
Split and splitting

The day broke with pennants and passing balls from one field to the next
Dirty dishes in the sink and I know how to clean my own mess, thank you.

He said “you don’t know how to be casual”
I said “You don’t know how to care”

It wasn’t worth the pennies tossed in the fountain, the copper gleaming from the bottom of the turquoise cement. I reached in and tried to pull it back. My hands got wet and waterlogged and you said this is all about my assumptions?

As if my assumptions were the cause of all deceit and arrogance.

And yes.
I don’t do Casual well.

Author: Liz Axelrod

Poet, Writer, Book Reviewer, Social Justice Advocate. Moon Goddess.

One thought on “Game Day

  1. “It wasn’t worth the pennies tossed in the fountain”

    Love it.

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