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The Veil is at it’s Thinnest

Got a spell up at LunaLuna

and a poem a Moonchild Magazine.



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Another Year

Youth fades.
Age requires safety.

Youth skates on the highway.
No lesson required
for popping

Age forgets the need for speed
embraces greed
loses patience,

and adopts the right to complain
of aches and pains –
to be a patient.

Think I’ll go pop a wheelie
and a bottle of wine.

See the explosion.
Be the cause.

Mimic youth and bravery.

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Holly’s had enough
She sighs and arches closer
to the doorway

Her berries no longer speak
of gifts and glamour
She’s just a mess of red
Spiked leaves aholly snownd branches
weighted down with white.

Destroy these days of isolation
Skinny months of streaming nonsense
and fighting traffic snarls
on my Netflix que

Honeyed teas might sooth
but I want ice-picks
muscles pounding hard

Scrape my windshield
Burn my frozen doors
Wipe the bloody needles
buried under Holly’s feet.